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What is the number one cause of mortality about 50 years ago and continues to be a major killer of Filipinos until today?


Which disease has been identified as a consequence of poverty due to unhampered prostitution in the country?


Which disease has the most fatal form among the different types mentioned?

Plasmodium Falciparum

What disease affects hundreds of barangays in 24 endemic provinces in the Philippines?


Which disease has an incidence in the Philippines that is one of the highest in the world?


What percentage of the population in the Philippines are chronic carriers of Hepatitis B?


What is the normal blood glucose level one hour after drinking a glucose solution?

Below 180 mg/dL

What is the main consequence of persistent increase in the mother's glucose level on the baby?

Fetal Macrosomia

Which disorder affects 20-50% of pregnancies and is characterized by inadequate insulin production by the pancreas?

Gestational DM

What is the estimated global percentage of pregnancies affected by Gestational DM?


What major risk does poorly controlled preexisting or gestational diabetes pose during organogenesis?

Major Congenital Malformations

Before synthetic insulin was produced in 1921, what outcomes were associated with women having diabetes?

Failed to reach childbearing age or were infertile

What contributes to the disintegration of moral values and social institutions, leading to health problems?


In which age group do women have the highest fertility rate according to the national demographic and health survey of 2009?

25-29 years

What is the Crude Birth Rate (CBR) per 1000 population as of 2020?


Which group has a higher fertility rate, rural women or urban women?

Rural women

What is the Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) as per the Department of Health (DOH) in 2005?

1.8/1000 live births

Which gender experiences a higher death rate according to the text?


What is the effect of hyperglycemia during the 2nd/3rd trimester for a woman with gestational diabetes?

Increased insulin resistance due to HPL effect

What is a common fetal effect of diabetes in pregnancy?

Macrosomia - abnormally large for gestational age

What happens to a woman's insulin requirements postpartum?

Insulin requirements drop suddenly to 25%

Why are babies of diabetic mothers often abnormally large?

Because they have macrosomia

What is the term used for a pregnancy that exceeds 42 weeks of gestation?

Post-term pregnancy

What is a significant maternal effect of diabetes in early pregnancy?

Hypoglycemia during the first trimester

What is one of the newborn effects of women receiving a high dose of Salicylates during pregnancy?


Why do newborns of women receiving high doses of Salicylates often develop hypoglycemia?

Decreased glucose supply from the mother

What is a common sign or symptom seen in newborns affected by Salicylates exposure during pregnancy?


Which complication may occur in newborns associated with exposure to Salicylates during pregnancy?

Meconium aspiration

What is the recommended management option for pregnant women who have been exposed to high doses of Salicylates?

Frequent prenatal visits for close monitoring

Which diagnostic test is commonly used to check glucose levels in newborns affected by maternal exposure to high doses of Salicylates?

Heel Stick Test

Test your knowledge on the impact of diabetes mellitus during pregnancy, including risks to the baby due to high glucose levels and the role of insulin regulation. Learn about the endocrine disorder affecting a significant percentage of pregnancies.

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