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Who developed the PRECEDE-PROCEED model?

What does the acronym PRECEDE stand for?

What is the criticism of the PRECEDE phase of the model?

What was added in 1991 to address environmental factors as determinants to health and health behavior?

What are the key features of the new version of the PROCEED phase?


Health Promotion Planning: PRECEDE-PROCEED Framework

  • PRECEDE-PROCEED model developed by Green and Kreuter from 1968 to 1974
  • In 1991, ecologic approach added, including Policy, Predisposing Reinforcing and Regulatory and Organizational Enabling Constructs in Educational and Environmental Development
  • Educational/Environmental Diagnosis and PRECEDE emphasize that an educational diagnosis should precede an intervention plan
  • Criticism: too focused on implementation and too little on designing interventions strategically
  • PROCEED added in 1991 to address environmental factors as determinants to health and health behavior
  • Recognition of impact of lifestyle (environment) on health behavior
  • Model was revised in 2005 to reflect growing interest in ecological and participatory approaches, and recognition of genetic factors
  • PRECEDE consists of 5 phases, including epidemiological assessment and social assessment
  • PROCEED consists of 4 phases, including the implementation process and outcome
  • In the new version, the model is more streamlined and efficient, merging two phases
  • Social assessment is a fundamental principle of participation in the model
  • The model is used for evaluation and management in public health, hospital administration, and environmental and occupational health


Test your knowledge of the PRECEDE-PROCEED model, a comprehensive framework for health promotion planning. This model encompasses various constructs and approaches developed by Green and Kreuter, and emphasizes the importance of educational and environmental diagnosis in intervention planning.

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