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How did Native Americans utilize the Buffalo Jump method for hunting?

By herding buffaloes off cliffs

What was the impact of the Fur Trade between Indians and Europeans?

Europeans gained furs for trade, while Native Americans acquired metal tools and weapons

When were slaves first brought into New Netherland?

During the 17th century

What major social consequences arose as a result of The First Great Awakening?

Increased religious fervor and challenges to established authority

Where is Mesa Verde located?

Present-day Colorado

What was the purpose of stampeding buffaloes over a cliff edge in the Buffalo Jump method?

To achieve mass kills

What was the primary benefit for Europeans in the Fur Trade with Native Americans?

Obtaining valuable furs for trade

In what year were slaves first introduced to New Netherland?


Where was Whua dend excan located, as mentioned in the study guide?

Eastern Woodlands

What significant event occurred in 1664 related to slavery in New Netherland/New York?

Legalization of slavery

What restrictions were placed on slavery in 18th-century New Netherland/New York?

Teaching slaves to read and write prohibited

Which Native American settlement is known for its cliff dwellings in present-day Colorado?

Mesa Verde

What was a significant social consequence of The First Great Awakening in the 1730s and 1740s?

Increased religious fervor and the rise of new denominations

In colonial society, what were the typical roles of men compared to women?

Men worked outside the home while women managed household duties

What were some common reasons why indentured servants often ran away during the colonial period?

Harsh working conditions and mistreatment by masters

What characterized social divisions in colonial society?

Divisions based on wealth, race, and social status

Which of the following was NOT a direct outcome of The First Great Awakening?

Abolition of slavery in the colonies

What impact did The First Great Awakening have on colonial authorities?

Challenged their established authority

Learn about key topics related to Pre-Contact Native Americans, including Buffalo Jump hunting method, population centers like Whua dend excan and Mesa Verde.

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