Native Americans in the United States

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What term is used to collectively refer to Native people of the United States and its trust territories?

Indigenous peoples

Approximately what percentage of the U.S. populace did Native Americans make up by 2010?


What term is used to describe Native American culture prior to European settlement?


Who mistakenly believed he had landed in the East Indies, naming the indigenous people 'Indians'?

Christopher Columbus

Which of the following is NOT considered as part of the Native American population according to the text?

Pacific Islanders

How many people identify themselves as Native American mixed with another ethnic group?

2.3 million

What was the impact of European settlement on the indigenous population in America?

Nearly destroyed them through European diseases and overt mistreatment

How did European settlers deal with indigenous people trying to retain their land stewardship?

Fought them off with superior weapons

Which act forced the relocation of Native tribes east of the Mississippi River to lands west of the river?

Indian Removal Act of 1830

What was the purpose of the Dawes Act of 1887 in relation to Native Americans?

Forced Native Americans onto individual properties among White settlers

Why were boarding schools particularly damaging to Native American culture?

Forced assimilation into White society and separated children from their families

In what year did the Bureau of Indian Affairs finally issue a policy on sexual abuse in boarding schools?


Learn about Native Americans, the Indigenous peoples of the United States and its trust territories. Understand the diverse groups that fall under the umbrella term 'Native Americans'

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