PRC1: List of Idioms and Phrases Quiz

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What does 'Above all' mean?

Most significantly

Explain the idiom 'Above board'.

Everything is as it seems.

What is meant by 'Achilles' heel'?

A weakness

Define 'Acid test'.

A sure test, giving an incontestable result

What does 'Across the board' imply?

Applying to all

Explain 'Add insult to injury'.

Making a bad situation worse

What does 'After my own heart' mean?

Said of a person with interests or point of view similar to yours

Interpret 'All and sundry'.

To include everyone

Explain 'All ears'.

Paying close attention

Test your knowledge of idioms and phrases with this quiz. Match the idiom or phrase with its correct meaning to see how well you know these common expressions.

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