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What does 'At a snail's pace' mean?

Very slow

What does 'At a loose end' mean?

Having nothing to do

What does 'At arm's length' imply?

Avoid a connection

What does 'At hand' mean?

Close by; near in time or position

What does 'At large' mean?

As a whole; in general

What does 'At length' imply?


What does 'At loggerheads' suggest?

Engaged in a dispute

What does 'At one's beck and call' mean?

Available to comply with any wish or command

Describe a situation when someone might feel at their wits end.

When someone is extremely upset or frustrated that they don't know what to do.

What does it mean to be at sixes and sevens?

To be in a state of confusion or disarray.

Explain the term 'at the eleventh hour'.

Refers to the latest possible time something can be done.

When might someone engage in back chat?

When someone speaks impudently or rudely in response to authority.

Define the term 'bad blood'.

Ill feeling or hostility between individuals or groups.

What does it mean to be 'at one's beck and call'?

To be available to comply with any wish or command.

When might someone be described as 'at a loose end'?

When someone has nothing to do and is looking for activities to occupy their time.

Explain the term 'at arm's length'.

To keep a distance or avoid a close connection.

Study Notes

Idiomatic Expressions

  • "At a snail's pace" means very slow
  • "At a loose end" means having nothing to do
  • "At arm's length" means to avoid a connection or keep a distance
  • "At hand" means close by, near in time or position
  • "At large" means as a whole, in general
  • "At length" means after some time, eventually, or fully
  • "At loggerheads" means engaged in a dispute
  • "At one's beck and call" means available to comply with any wish or command
  • "At one's wits' end" means so upset that you don't know what to do
  • "At pains" means making an effort to do something
  • "At sixes and sevens" describes a state of confusion
  • "At the eleventh hour" means at the latest possible time
  • "At the end of the day" means when everything else has been taken into consideration
  • "At times" means sometimes, occasionally
  • "Back chat" means impudence
  • "Bad blood" means ill feeling

Test your knowledge of English idioms and phrases with this quiz. Match the idiomatic expressions with their meanings. From 'At a snail's pace' to 'Bad blood', see if you can correctly identify the correct definitions.

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