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What is the recommended treatment duration for a postpartum UTI?

5-7 days

Which antibiotic is commonly used to manage Mastitis caused by MRSA?


How is Mastitis diagnosed if the symptoms are not clear?


What is the causative organism for Mastitis?


What should a client do if an abscess forms in the breast due to Mastitis?

Discontinue breastfeeding and seek medical help

What should a client do to help reduce inflammation and edema in Mastitis?

Apply warm moist heat compress or shower

What is an important management strategy for Mastitis apart from antibiotics?

Continue breastfeeding every 2-3 hours

How does MRSA typically enter the body to cause Mastitis?

Through cracked and fissured nipples

What can help relieve pain in the affected area in Mastitis?

Ice compresses

How often should a client pump breast milk if they have Mastitis?

Every 2-3 hours

Test your knowledge on identifying and managing lacerations in the cervix, vagina, or perineum after childbirth, focusing on cervical lacerations that can lead to postpartum hemorrhages. Learn about the signs and symptoms, and appropriate interventions for such complications.

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