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What proportion of women experience some type of mood disturbance during the postpartum period?


What percentage of women develop more significant symptoms of depression or anxiety during the postpartum period?


Why is it necessary for physicians to recognize emotional difficulties in pregnancy and the postpartum period?

To ensure maternal well-being

What is the primary focus of antenatal assessment in relation to psychiatric morbidity?

Identifying risk factors for psychiatric morbidity

When are depressive symptoms as common as in the postpartum period?

During the antepartum period

What is the significance of recognizing psychiatric problems during pregnancy and postpartum?

It is essential for preventing maternal mortality and morbidity

What is the most significant factor in the duration of postpartum depression (PPD)?

Delay in receiving treatment

Which of the following symptoms is commonly associated with postpartum depression?

Generalized anxiety and panic attacks

What is the recommended first-line medication for more severe postpartum depression?

Antidepressants (SSRI's)

What is the purpose of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale mentioned in the lecture?

To identify women who have PPD

According to the lecture, which hormonal changes are proposed to play a role in the emergence of postpartum affective illness?

Decrease in estrogen and progesterone concentrations after delivery

What is a common feature of postpartum obsessive-compulsive disorder as mentioned in the lecture?

Disturbing and intrusive thoughts of harming the infant

Which factor is identified as increasing the likelihood of postpartum depression according to the lecture?

Recent stressful life events during pregnancy or near delivery

What may be used to detect women who have PPD based on a specific score or affirmative answer?

'EPDS' questionnaire

What type of therapy is recommended for mild to moderate postpartum depression?

'Psychotherapy''Bright light therapy'exercise,omega 3 fatty acid

What population of women may be more vulnerable to PPD according to the lecture?

Women with histories of major depression or bipolar disorder.

What is a significant consequence of failing to receive treatment for PPD according to the lecture?

Lingering effects on physical and psychological functioning.

How does PPD usually develop, as mentioned in the lecture?

It develops slowly over the first three months, often beginning within the first 4 weeks.

What is the synthetic version of a steroid called allopregnanolone?

Brexanolone [Zulresso]

What is the most severe form of postpartum psychiatric illness?

Postpartum psychosis

How is Zulresso administered?

Continuous IV infusion

What are the most common adverse reactions reported by patients treated with Zulresso?

Sleepiness, dry mouth, loss of consciousness, flushing

What is the typical onset of postpartum psychosis?

Within 2 weeks after delivery

What is the treatment of choice for postpartum psychosis?

B and C

What is the concern regarding selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) in pregnancy?

Risk of cardiovascular defects in the fetus

What is recommended for women on antidepressant medication at conception?

Trial off treatment prior to delivery

What do women with histories of bipolar disorder benefit from as a prophylactic treatment near or at the time of delivery?

(Lithium) Lithium salts

What is the risk associated with lithium in pregnancy?

Increased risk of cardiovascular defects in the fetus

What may be beneficial for patients with depressive disorders of marked or moderate severity?

(ECT) Electroconvulsive therapy

What may sleep problems in mothers suffering from postpartum depression lead to?

Impaired maternal health and safety practices

What is the main differentiating factor between hyperemesis gravidarum and early morning sickness?

Requirement for hospital admission

What is the recommended treatment for hyperemesis gravidarum?

Intravenous rehydration and small light snacks

What is pseudocyesis?

A condition where a woman believes she is pregnant when she is not

What are the common symptoms of cauvade syndrome?

Nausea and morning sickness

What is a characteristic of cryptopregnancy?

There is no genuine pregnancy

Why may a diagnosis of depression be missed in pregnancy?

Because symptoms are often mistaken for normal pregnancy changes

What is the recommended treatment for depression during pregnancy?

Psychotherapy and antidepressants (except in the first trimester)

What are the categories into which postpartum psychiatric illness is typically divided?

(1) Postpartum blues (2) Postpartum depression (3) Postpartum psychosis

What percentage of women experience postpartum blues after delivery?


What are common symptoms of postpartum blues?

Mood lability, tearfulness, anxiety or irritability

What type of medication may be required for women who have a past history of psychotic illness during pregnancy?

Antipsychotic medications

What are some possible treatments for hyperemesis gravidarum?

Intravenous rehydration, corticosteroids, and total parenteral nutrition

Test your knowledge about postpartum depression with this quiz based on Dr. Eleje's lecture. Learn about the symptoms, duration, and potential risks associated with postpartum depression.

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