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What was the role of Kaskazi Network in Kenya?

Delivering goods to informal shops and kiosks

According to Oxford University economist Paul Collier, what is necessary for achieving scale and specialization in Africa?

Clusters of connected, efficient firms

Which city has a thriving information and communication technology sector that has developed informally?


What is the guiding question for identifying and building the business ecosystem in Africa?

Who will we work with to win?

What are some of the elements needed to run a business in Africa, according to the text?

Reliable power and water supply, appropriately sited land, and a robust supplier base

What approach do many global businesses investing in Africa often take?

To find local partners who understand the local landscape

Learn how to identify and build a strategic ecosystem for business success in Africa. Understand the importance of strong partnerships and investments in developing a broad ecosystem for running a business in Africa.

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