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What percentage of registered businesses in the Philippines are Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)?


How many Filipinos were estimated to be in the Philippines in 2021?


What are the key components of Technopreneurship?

Technology and Entrepreneurship

Which factor does NOT contribute to MSME Development's 5 Strategic Goals?

Increased Profit Margins

How many Angel Investors are part of the Philippine Startup Ecosystem?


What percentage of the workforce in the Philippines is employed by SMEs?


What is the process of generating a broad set of ideas on a given topic, without trying to evaluate them?


Which type of entrepreneur generates profit from personal passion and is completely self-employed?

Lifestyle Entrepreneur

What qualities are associated with a successful technopreneur?

Driven, persuasive, and tech-savvy

What distinguishes organization-driven ideas from market-driven ideas?

Starting with an innovation or invention

What does innovation involve according to the text?

Combining two existing elements in a new way

Where do external sources of ideas for innovation come from?

Individuals, lead users, trade fairs, and patents among others

Study Notes

The Philippines Business Landscape

  • Ranked 52nd out of 64 countries in the World Competitiveness Ranking 2021
  • 99.6% of registered businesses are Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)
  • Estimated 110.8 million Filipinos as of 2021
  • 70% of the workforce is employed by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

The Philippine Startup Ecosystem

  • 440+ startups
  • 120+ coworking spaces
  • 50+ angel investors
  • 40+ venture capitalists
  • 35+ incubators and accelerators
  • Support from government and educational institutions

MSME Development: 5 Strategic Goals

  • Improved Business Climate
  • Improved Access to Finance
  • Enhanced Management and Labor Capabilities
  • Improved Access to Technology and Innovation
  • Improved Access to Market

What is Technopreneurship?

  • Integration of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship
  • Identifying modern technologies and creating technological opportunities
  • Presentation of commercial products and services

Types of Entrepreneurs

  • Social Entrepreneur: pursues innovative solutions to social problems
  • Lifestyle Entrepreneur: generates profit from personal passion
  • Serial Entrepreneur: continuously produces new ideas and business ventures

Technopreneurship: Trilogy

  • Work like a Technician
  • Think like an Entrepreneur
  • Behave like a Manager

Qualities of a Successful Technopreneur

  • Creative
  • Driven
  • Persuasive
  • Tech-savvy
  • Innovative
  • Leader/Visionary
  • Problem Solver
  • Risk Taker

Ideation and Innovation

  • Ideation: process of generating a broad set of ideas on a given topic
  • Sources of Ideas: internal (customer service, engineering, sales force, etc.) and external (individuals, lead users, patents, etc.)
  • Innovation: value creation, changes, improvements, novel, new ideas
  • Innovation Types: organization-driven and market-driven ideas
  • Innovation Implementation: taking two things that exist and putting them together in a new way

Test your knowledge on the business landscape and startup ecosystem in the Philippines. This quiz covers statistics such as rankings, number of businesses, population estimates, and key players in the startup ecosystem.

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