Points satisfying Partial Derivatives

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What are all the points satisfying f_{x}(x,y)=0 and f_{y}(x,y)=0 called?

Which term is used for the points that satisfy f_{x}(x,y)=0 and f_{y}(x,y)=0?

What do we call the points where f_{x}(x,y)=0 and f_{y}(x,y)=0 both hold true?

What term refers to the solutions of f_{x}(x,y)=0 and f_{y}(x,y)=0?


Explore the concept of points that satisfy both f_{x}(x,y)=0 and f_{y}(x,y)=0 in this quiz. Test your knowledge on the term used for such points and their significance in mathematical functions.

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