Platelet Function Process

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What is the primary function of VWF in platelet activation?

Adheres to the injured site

Which receptor is responsible for triggering internal platelet activation pathways?


What is the role of TXA2 and ADP in platelet activation?

Trigger outside-in reaction

Which molecule causes the platelet to lose its discoid shape and spread on the damaged surface?


What is the role of TXA2 and ADP in platelet activation?

Activating neighboring platelets through their respective receptors

Which receptor site is integral for fibrinogen binding during platelet aggregation?

Integrin αIIbβ3

In platelet aggregation, where do phospholipids redeploy with more polar molecules?

Outer layer of the membrane

Which molecule promotes platelet-to-platelet aggregation by binding to RGD sequences of fibrinogen and VWF?

Thromboxane A2

What triggers the activation of platelets, leading to the release of granular contents?

Ligand binding to integrins

Which of the following is a key part of primary hemostasis involving platelet aggregation?

White clot formation

What is the pathological basis for arterial thrombotic events like acute myocardial infarction and strokes?

Inappropriate platelet activation leading to white clots

Which process involves the combination of polar phospholipid exposure on activated platelets and platelet fragmentation?

Secondary hemostasis

Learn about the process of platelet activation and function in response to injury to the blood vessel wall. Understand how damaged endothelial cells release Von Willebrand Factor (VWF) to facilitate platelet adhesion at the site of injury.

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