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Which type of insect bite or sting should prompt immediate emergency department referral or physician consultation?

Black widow spider bites

What is the significance of insects mentioned in the text?

They can cause hypersensitivity reactions

Which of the following insects inject venom with a stinger?


What is a possible consequence of some insect bites and stings despite being mostly a nuisance?

Systemic reactions in some patients

Which of the following is NOT a mediator released from mast cells during a sting reaction?

Thrombocytopenia-inducing factor

What are the initial manifestations of a systemic reaction to an insect sting?

Itchy eyes, facial flushing, generalized urticaria

Which insect's sting can progress to sterile pustules within 6-24 hours?

Fire ants

What is the typical clinical presentation of bedbug or kissing bug bites?

Clustered, erythematous, pruritic nodules

How do fleas typically deposit saliva during a bite?

Deposit saliva in bite

Which insect causes pain and itching with local necrosis due to its venom?


What is the treatment recommendation for adults with systemic allergic reactions post-insect sting?

Venom immunotherapy

How is anaphylaxis generally treated in adults experiencing systemic reactions from insect stings?

Intramuscular or subcutaneous epinephrine

What is the recommended dose of antihistamines for itching due to insect bites in children?

0.01 mg/kg

How can lice infestation be eradicated according to the text?

By using lindane shampoo on dry hair for 4 minutes

What is suggested for effective removal of ticks according to the text?

Using angled forceps or a tick-removal instrument

What is one of the reasons why bedbugs have spread globally?

Increasing global travel

Why are travelers advised to thoroughly check for bedbugs in mattresses and luggage according to the text?

To reduce the spread of bedbugs

Which insect requires eradication by vacuuming thoroughly, treating pets, washing rugs and beds, and using insecticide?


What is recommended for long-standing or crusted scabies infestation treatment in the text?

Oral Ivermectin

When should a tick be removed to potentially prevent Lyme disease infection according to the text?


What is advised for those with a history of anaphylaxis from wasp or bee stings according to the text?

Carrying an epinephrine injector kit and wearing medical warning tags

What is necessary if a systemic reaction or anaphylactic reaction occurs due to insect bites or stings?

Referral to the emergency department for definitive management including epinephrine

What is NOT a preventive measure mentioned in the text against bites and stings?

Regular use of DEET repellent

When is antibiotic prophylaxis indicated according to the text?

When Lyme disease is endemic or tick feeding time is not known

What is the most venomous spider in the world?

Black widow spider

Which spider has a violin-shaped marking on its back?

Brown recluse spider

What is the primary symptom of a brown recluse spider bite?

Mild, erythematous lesion that heals over several days to weeks

Where are black widow spiders commonly found in the United States?

South and West

Which spider's bite is almost painless and can cause necrosis within days?

Brown recluse spider

What is the main effect of brown recluse spider venom on the body?

Endothelial injury and thrombosis

Which spider has urticating hairs that can lead to stinging and anaphylaxis?


What are common locations where brown recluse spiders are found?

Garages and abandoned buildings

Which spider species has a marking resembling an orange-red, hourglass shape?

Black widow spider

What is the size comparison between male and female black widow spiders?

Male is much smaller than female

What is a common early symptom of a black widow spider bite?

Mild to moderate pain followed by muscle cramps

Which complication can arise from a black widow spider bite in small children or individuals with cardiovascular disease?


Which of the following is NOT a pit viper snake?

Gila monster

What percentage of venomous snakebites result in no envenomation?


Which reptile has venom as toxic as a rattlesnake but requires a prolonged bite for envenomation?

Gila monster

What clinical finding is typically seen in bites with no envenomation?

Puncture wound

Which factor does NOT influence the clinical presentation of envenomated patients?

Type of venom

What is a common initial presentation of coral snake bites?

Neurologic symptoms

Which venomous reptile causes mainly local pain and swelling with occasional systemic reactions?

Gila monster

What is the primary type of venom in scorpions?


What distinguishes venomous rattlesnakes from nonvenomous ones?

Presence of fangs

What type of damage does pit viper venom primarily cause?

Systemic vascular damage

Which non-venomous reptile mentioned has to be forcibly removed after biting?

Gila monster

How do coral snake bites usually appear initially?

Scratch marks

What is the primary purpose of capturing and bringing the actual spider for identification in cases of suspected spider bites?

To determine the species of spider responsible for the bite

Which laboratory tests are specifically recommended in cases of suspected brown recluse spider bites?

Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine

What initial therapy is typically recommended for black widow spider bites?

Pain relief medications as needed

In what circumstances is antivenom therapy indicated for black widow spider bites?

For confirmed severe bites due to risk of anaphylaxis

Why is it important to consider all causes of acute abdomen in the differential diagnosis when presented with unusual abdominal pain?

Acute abdomen may mimic symptoms of spider envenomation

What is the recommended type of care for wolf spider bites, such as those from tarantulas?

Supportive care equivalent to a wasp sting

Which factor determines whether an individual should receive antivenom therapy for black widow spider bites?

Confirmation of a severe bite and no previous exposure to horse serum

$Which$ laboratory test may be indicated for suspected black widow spider bites even though no specific tests are recommended?

$CBC$ and $urinalysis$

What characteristic differentiates brown recluse from black widow spider bites in terms of laboratory tests?

Black widow bite diagnosis may involve abnormal coagulation profiles.

Why is tetanus prophylaxis recommended as part of initial care for both brown recluse and black widow spider bites?

To protect against tetanus infection from contaminated wounds.

What autonomic nervous system symptoms may occur as a result of a venomous bite or sting?

Tachycardia and excessive secretions

Why is it discouraged for patients to bring the actual snake to the healthcare facility for identification?

Snakes can reflexively bite immediately after death.

What laboratory study is NOT commonly needed when evaluating a patient with a venomous bite or sting?

Lactate dehydrogenase

What is a recommended first aid measure for snakebite victims before reaching a healthcare facility?

Minimizing physical activity

What should be observed for a minimum of 12 hours following bites or stings, as mentioned in the text?

Clinical symptoms assessment

Which type of snakebite requires antivenom as part of the main therapy?

Severe venomous snakebites

In which months do most snake bites typically occur according to the text?

April to October

What is the main difference between non-Africanized bees and Africanized bees in terms of stinging behavior?

Non-Africanized bees sting only once, while Africanized bees can sting multiple times.

In the context of stinging injuries, what is the significance of delayed serum sickness?

It can occur up to 10 days after being stung.

What is the recommended first-line treatment for a person experiencing a severe allergic reaction to a bee sting?

Epinephrine injection

Why is prophylaxis with an EpiPen recommended for individuals experiencing stinging injuries?

To prevent anaphylactic reactions in case of future stings.

What is the recommended first-line treatment for pruritus following an insect sting, as suggested in the text?

Immediate application of ice to the sting area

Which measure is suggested in the text for preventing insect stings?

Applying approved chemicals on lawns to keep ants away

What should be done if severe systemic allergic reactions are suspected after an insect sting, based on the information provided?

Transfer to the Emergency Department (ED)

Which statement accurately reflects the treatment approach for insect stings according to the text?

Antihistamines can be used prophylactically

Test your knowledge about pit vipers such as rattlesnakes, copperheads, and cottonmouths, and learn about the impact of snake bites worldwide. Explore facts about venomous snakes and different types of envenomations.

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