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What is the main purpose of the glass electrode in potentiometric titration?

To measure pH (H+ concentration)

What is the equation that describes the voltage change of the ideal pH electrode?

$\Delta V = 59.16 , \text{mV} \times \Delta \text{pH}$

What is the function of the Ag/AgCl reference electrodes in the combined glass electrode?

To measure the potential across the glass membrane

What does the Nernst-like equation describe?

The response of real glass electrodes

What happens in the ion-exchange equilibrium on the surfaces of a glass membrane?

H+ replaces metal ions bound to the negatively charged oxygen atoms

Test your knowledge of potentiometric titration and pH measurement with this quiz. Explore the principles of the pH electrode, glass electrode, ion-selective electrodes (ISE), and ion-exchange equilibrium. Delve into the use of Ag/AgCl reference electrodes and the measurement of H+ concentration.

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