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Pig Breeds Quiz: Large White, Landrace, Duroc

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What are the characteristics of Large White pigs?

fast growth rate, big litter size, good meat

Describe the characteristics of Duroc pigs.

medium size, dropped ears, long muscular body, lean meat

Explain the benefits of cross breeding Landrace and Large White pigs.

fast growth, high marbling in meat

What is the purpose of replacing boars every 2 years in pig breeding?

prevent inbreeding

What is the function of farrowing crates in pig farming?

prevent the sow from rolling over on piglets

Explain the concept of an Integrated Pig Production Unit.

breeding unit and finishing unit on the same farm, reduces disease risk and transport stress

Why is supervision important for piglets in the first 48 hours of life?

To prevent them from starving or being crushed

What should be sprayed with iodine in piglets to prevent naval ill?


What is the purpose of a creep area in pig farming?

To allow piglets to regulate their temperature

How long is the oestrous duration for a sow?

2 - 3 days

How many litters can sows have in a year?

Up to two

What is the main purpose of double servicing sows in pig production?

To increase litter size

What is the ideal temperature range for the weaner house?


How can anaemia in piglets be prevented?

Iron injection given to bonhams (2-3 days old)

What are the symptoms of pneumonia in pigs?

Coughing, fever, possible death

How can lameness in pigs be prevented?

Good hygiene and regular hoof care

What can cause sows to harm piglets?

Loud noise

Why should housing not be overcrowded for pigs?

To reduce stress

How does good ventilation help prevent diseases in pigs?

Prevents airborne diseases and gas buildup

What are the characteristics of housing that are recommended for pigs?

Dry, draught free, good lighting

Test your knowledge of pig breeds with this quiz! Learn about the characteristics of Large White, Landrace, and Duroc pigs including their origins, physical features, and meat quality.

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