Physical Education Review: Fitness Goals and Safety Protocols

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What is the purpose of a warm-up before a workout?

What is the definition of body conditioning?

How is the maximum heart rate (MHR) calculated?

What is the formula to determine the Heart Rate Reserve (HRR)?

What does cross training involve?

What is the recommended method for getting your Target Heart Rate?

What is 60% of the Heart Rate Reserve (HRR)?

What does a low resting heart rate usually indicate?

What is the normal range for resting heart rate in adults?

What should happen to your resting heartbeat rate as you become more fit?

What is the role of Perceived Exertion (RPE) based on the text?

What principle states that training needs to be demanding enough to cause the body to adapt and improve performance?

What does the target heart rate zone have to help identify the safety of heart rate?

How can an individual avoid the pain cycle during physical activity?

"After I drove a car for five (5) hours to see my family in Baguio City, what zone would be my." refers to which concept?

Which component of fitness did Willow improve the most during the exercise circuit?


Review and test your knowledge of setting fitness goals, engaging in physical activity, safety protocols for sports-related injuries, organized events, cross-training, and warm-up vs. conditioning in physical education.

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