Phosphorus in Plants and Fertilizers

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What is the primary function of phosphorous in plants?

Energy storage and transfer

Which process in plants heavily relies on phosphorous?

Energy storage and transfer

What is the main role of phosphorous in plant metabolism?

Energy storage and transfer

Which of the following is NOT a primary function of phosphorous in plants?

Enhancing fruit development

In plants, what does phosphorous primarily facilitate?

Energy storage and transfer

Which important biological molecules contain the element mentioned in the text?


In what form is the element commonly used in fertilizers?


Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a place where the element is found?


Which molecule uses the element to store and transfer energy within cells?


Which compound could be formed by combining the element with phosphorus?


What does PVC stand for?

Polyvinyl Chloride

Which elements are combined to form PVC?


What is PVC commonly used for?


Which of the following is NOT true about PVC?

It is commonly used in glassware

What is the full name of PVC?

Polyvinyl Chloride

What happens when the phosphate compounds from either ATP or ADP are split off?

A relatively large amount of energy is liberated

How much energy (in cal/mol) is liberated when the phosphate compounds are split off from either ATP or ADP?


Which molecule liberates a relatively large amount of energy upon splitting off its phosphate compounds?


If no energy is liberated upon splitting off phosphate compounds, which of the following is most likely to be true?

The cell is not functioning properly

What role does the liberation of energy upon splitting off phosphate compounds play in cellular processes?

Provides energy for cellular activities

What is the typical range of fluorine content in plant material in terms of parts per million (ppm) in the dry matter?

2-20 ppm

Which acid is explicitly mentioned as 'NOT FOR SALE' in the text?

Hydrofluoric acid

In terms of fluorine accumulation, what distinguishes certain plant species from others?

Ability to accumulate higher amounts

What is the common concentration range of fluorine in plant material that some species can exceed?

50-60 ppm

Which of the following substances is known for its ability to accumulate much higher amounts of fluorine in plants?

Black tea

Explore the role of phosphorus in plants, DNA, RNA, bones, teeth, membranes, and more. Test your knowledge on the use of superphosphate and tri-phosphate forms of phosphorus in fertilizers.

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