Philosophy: Theist, Atheist, and Agnostic

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What is the view of physicalism?

What aspect of an individual's identity is influenced by the groups they belong to?

Who is the founder of Christianity?

What is the design argument for the existence of God based on?

What is the view of dualism according to the text?

According to the New Testament of the Christian Bible, what did Jesus do to show God's power and love?

What is the view of atheists based on Epicurus' philosophy?

What dimension of religion does 'attending church' belong to according to Professor Ninian Smart's seven dimensions?

According to William Paley, what does the watch symbolize in his famous design argument?

According to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, what does it suggest about the design argument?

What did Epicurus claim about the existence of suffering and its implication on the existence of God?

What does the term 'omnipotent' refer to in the context of the text?

What is the key concept of philosophy suggests that the universe has a cause?

According to Epicurus, what does the existence of suffering prove about God's nature?

'Design argument' suggests that the universe provides evidence of design and:

What does 'Omnipresent' refer to in the context of religious scriptures?

What does 'Proof' refer to in religious scriptures?

What is the study of ideas and questions about life called?

Who was St Thomas Aquinas?

What is the argument that the universe provides evidence of design, requiring a designer who must be God?

What does an atheist believe in relation to God or gods?

What does an agnostic believe about the possibility of knowing whether God or gods exist?

What is an analogy typically used for?

What is meant by the term 'assumption'?

What does the cosmological argument suggest about the cause of the universe?


Test your knowledge of philosophical concepts related to belief in God and the study of ideas about life. This quiz covers terms such as Theist, Atheist, Agnostic, Cosmological argument, and more.

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