Philosophy of Mind: Churchland vs Martensson

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Who is known for the concept of 'Ghost in the machine'?

Who was a country lawyer and also obtained a degree in bachelor of medicine?

Which philosopher is linked to 'Eliminative materialism'?

Which philosopher was raised by a single mother and worked as a merchant assistant?

Who had brothers who were also considered eminent scholars?

Which philosopher's wife is also a noted philosopher named Patricia Churchland?

Who is associated with the concept of 'Tabula rasa'?

Which philosopher is known for his work on 'Folk psychology will eventually be discredited by a scientific inquiry/method'?

Who is famously associated with 'Existentialism' and the belief that 'consciousness and perceiving are correlated'?

Which philosopher was a father at a very young age and despite having noble ancestry, lacked a profession and source of income?


Explore the contrasting views of Paul Churchland and Jens Martensson on the self, Folk Psychology, eliminative materialism, and Neurophilosophy. Delve into their philosophies regarding human consciousness and the mind.

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