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What does the Land Bridge Theory propose?

The Philippines was once part of mainland Asia, connected by land bridges during the last ice age

Who proposed the Volcanic Origin theory for the creation of the Philippines?

Dr. Bailey Willis

What is the Legend of Mu or Lemuria associated with?

A Pacific Continent that included the Philippines and Indonesia before sinking during the prehistoric period

In Bisaya folklore, who was Manaul?

The king who guided destinies

What geological feature makes the Philippines prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions?

Situated within the Pacific Ring of Fire

Study Notes

Theories of the Philippines' Formation

  • The Land Bridge Theory proposes that the Philippines was once connected to mainland Asia via a land bridge, which eventually disappeared due to geological changes.
  • The Volcanic Origin theory, proposed by José Rizal, suggests that the Philippines was formed as a result of volcanic activity.

Lost Continent Theories

  • The Legend of Mu or Lemuria is associated with the concept of a lost continent, believed to have existed in the Pacific Ocean and subsequently sunk, with some theories suggesting that the Philippines is a remnant of this lost continent.

Folklore and Mythology

  • In Bisaya folklore, Manaul is a heroic figure who is said to have created the Philippines.

Geological Characteristics

  • The Philippines' location on the boundary of several tectonic plates makes it prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Test your knowledge of the geographical history of the Philippines with this quiz. Explore topics such as the Land Bridge Theory and volcanic origins, and see how much you know about the country's geographical location and evolution.

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