Philippine Newspapers and Magazines in the 1920s

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Which organization was founded in 1925 to encourage literary production?

Who among the following writers was not mentioned as having their works introduced to the public in newspapers and magazines?

In which year did the Free Press start giving cash incentives to writers for published contributions?

Which publication awarded P1,000 for the best stories in 1921?

What club was established in 1927 and put out the Literary Apprentice to encourage literary production?

Who wrote the first Filipino novel in English?

Which work won the Commonwealth Literary Award for poetry in 1940?

Who received the Commonwealth Literary Award for an essay in 1940?

What was the title of the first postwar novel in English published in the USA?

Which literary figure kept dramatic writing alive during the period despite the popularity of vaudeville and Tagalog movies?

Who founded the Silliman Writers Summer Workshop in 1962?

Which literary award became synonymous with quality literature and considered a new writer’s rite of passage to fame?

Who were among the writers who honed their craft during the postwar period mentioned in the text?

Which workshop helps discover writing talents and develop them in their craft to this day?

Which writers usually introduced New Criticism to the country after returning from studies in American universities?

Who among the following Filipino writers was NOT recognized with the National Artist Award?

Which literary group did NOT emerge during the periods mentioned in the text?

What literary award has been granted to only three Filipinos for their achievements according to the text?

Which organization still continues to give out annual awards for poetry and fiction?

Who was NOT part of the literary barkadas mentioned in the text?


Test your knowledge on the Philippine newspapers and magazines founded in the 1920s that introduced the works of notable writers like Paz Marquez Benitez and Jose Garcia Villa. Learn about the literary scene during that era.

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