Philippine Media-Based Arts: Photography

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What was George Tapan's first ever assignment as a travel photographer?

Isla Verde

In which year did George Tapan win first place in the National Geographic Photo Contest?


Before becoming a travel photographer, what type of photography did George Tapan primarily focus on?

Movie poster photography

Which organization awarded George Tapan with two PATA Gold awards?


Besides photography, in what other field has George Tapan worked?


What is one of the characteristics mentioned in the text that can help create interesting photographs?

Interesting background

What can be used to enhance parts of an image that are blurry or vague?

Neutral density filters

Which photographic characteristic plays a role in creating textures, highlights, shadows, colors, and clarity in a photograph?


What does the text suggest is important for photography, even if some rules are meant to be broken?

Working with good lighting

Which type of shots stand out according to the text?

Candid shots

Explore the world of photography in the Philippines and learn about renowned Filipino photographers like George Tapan. Discover the impact of social media on showcasing photography and how talented individuals stand out in this field.

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