Philippine Labor Code and Termination Quiz

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What is the primary purpose of the 'Image Upload' motivational activity described in the text?

What is the specific objective related to termination of employment discussed in the text?

What action should students take during the virtual classroom discussion, according to the text?

What is the specific guidance provided for the 'Image Upload' activity?

What should students be able to do at the end of the lesson, based on the stated objectives?

Which type of resignation does not require written notice according to the Philippine Labor Code?

What is considered 'constructive dismissal' according to the Philippine Labor Code?

Under what circumstances is separation pay required for an employee according to the Philippine Labor Code?

What is the difference in the process of dismissal between regular employees and contractual employees according to the Philippine Labor Code?

When can contractual employees hired for a fixed period be dismissed according to the Philippine Labor Code?


Philippine Labor Code and Termination of Employment

  • The Philippine Constitution prohibits involuntary servitude, allowing employees the right to resign under Art. 285 of the Labor Code.
  • Resignation can be without cause or with cause, with the latter not requiring written notice.
  • Forced resignation is considered "constructive dismissal", a disguised form of dismissal not allowed under the Labor Code.
  • Employee retirement can be voluntary or compulsory under Art. 287 of the Labor Code.
  • Regular employees and contractual employees have different processes for dismissal.
  • Regular employee dismissal requires due process of law, while contractual employee dismissal has less strict requirements.
  • Contractual employees hired for a fixed period are not regular employees and can be dismissed when their contracts expire.
  • Separation pay is required when an employee is terminated for an authorized cause, with the amount depending on the cause.
  • Different scenarios of termination are discussed, such as termination due to the installation of labor-saving devices or closure of establishment.
  • A case study involving an administrator in a local hospital deciding on employee layoffs is presented.
  • Questions about the need for proper due process in termination and the significance of the Labor Code for employees and employers are raised.
  • Role-playing activities and evaluation tasks related to the Labor Code and termination of employment are provided.


Test your knowledge of the Philippine Labor Code and the termination of employment with this quiz. Explore the rights of employees, the legal processes for dismissal, and the implications of involuntary resignation. Delve into case studies and scenarios to understand the significance of due process and the impact of the Labor Code on both employees and employers.

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