Philippine BPO Industry Review

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What is the purpose of a help desk?

To troubleshoot problems and provide guidance about products

Which one of the following is NOT an example of Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)?

Legal routine activities

What is one of the reasons for companies to outsource?

To replace expensive local resources with less expensive ones

Which one of these is an example of support or auxiliary services being outsourced?


What are some examples of IT services being outsourced?

Application development

What is application management (AM)?

Managing the operation, maintenance, versioning and upgrading of an application throughout its lifecycle

What did the UK's National Outsourcing Association recognize the Philippines for in 2010?

Being the #1 in business process outsourcing service

What is a contact center also referred to as?

Customer interaction center

What is the potential revenue that the Philippine ITBPM industry can bring in by 2016?

$25 billion

What does a contact center typically include?

One or more online call centers and other types of customer contact including email newsletters, postal mail catalogs, website inquiries, and chats

Test your knowledge about the Philippine Information Technology and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) industry. Explore the industry's growth, recognition, and potential revenue through this quiz.

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