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What is a process measure?

A measure of the actions taken that may affect outcomes

Which factor is considered a process measure for Warfarin use?

Percentage of time patient’s INR is in the target range

What is a process measure for Insulin use?

Percentage of patients who received the appropriate dose of sliding scale insulin

For Teratogenic Drugs, what factor is considered a process measure?

Percentage of patients who had a negative pregnancy test prior to initiation

How are process measures different from patient outcomes measures?

Process measures focus on actions taken, while patient outcomes focus on the results

What is the BIGGEST & MOST COMMON barrier to strategic planning according to the text?

Failure to commit sufficient time to planning

What is the most important reason for measuring safety and quality according to the text?

To see if the organization is doing a good job

Which factor necessitates adjusting a strategic plan periodically to keep it current?

Constantly changing environment

Why should formal appraisals not be a surprise according to the text?

To develop a positive relationship with employees

What is recommended if an organization lacks planning skills, according to the text?

Bring in outside consultants

What is the purpose of alternative methods to voluntary error reporting for assessing safety, as discussed in the text?

To gauge safety and quality more effectively

Why does the text emphasize that a strategic plan should be considered a continuous process?

To adjust the plan periodically based on a changing environment

Why is it important to correct behavior immediately but appropriately according to the text?

To improve performance in the organization

What is highlighted as a risk when planning, even though it is based on evidence?

Constantly changing environment

What is the role of measurements in gaining resources, as stated in the text?

Measurements inform resource allocation decisions

What is emphasized as essential for an organization's strategic plan?

A defined purpose and clear timeline for completion

How do process measures differ from outcome measures, as per the text?

Process measures focus on actions taken, while outcome measures focus on results achieved

What is the primary role of a pharmacy manager according to the text?

Managing HR and tasks to produce quality customer service

How are the daily tasks of a pharmacy manager typically derived?

From the overarching pharmacy vision

Why are tasks prioritized for completion according to the text?

To allow employees flexibility in task accomplishment

What distinguishes pharmacy from most 'production worker' businesses based on the text?

Transforming human resources and goods into custom solutions for patients

What allows employees flexibility in task accomplishment according to the text?

Clear and Unambiguous Command Intent

What is key to creating engaged and loyal customers as per the text?

Inspiring engaged employee

What is a key characteristic of Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS) performance appraisal process?

Scores are compared to a standard for the organization and specific job

Which type of performance appraisal process is criticized for being burdensome and not as specific as graphic rating?

Absolute appraisal

In the context of performance appraisal, what does 'leniency' refer to?

Everyone being evaluated as a perfect 4

Why is Critical Incident performance appraisal process criticized?

Lacks objectivity

Which type of performance appraisal process involves comparing employees with each other?

Relative outcome-oriented ranking

What is a disadvantage of Management by Objectives (MBO) performance appraisal process?

Employees can be evaluated by different standards

Study Notes

Benefits and Feedback

  • Other benefits available include conferences, membership, meetings, certification cost, lunch, tickets, and more responsible task assignments
  • Informal feedback should be consistent to improve performance, reduce employee uncertainty, and correct behavior immediately and appropriately
  • Formal appraisal should not be a surprise, and praise a job well done to develop a positive relationship and positive reaction

Quality Metrics and Medication Safety

  • Reasons to measure safety and quality:
    • To see if we are doing a good job
    • Prioritize actions
    • Gain support for additional resources
    • Provide impetus for action
    • Compare with peers
    • Gain recognition from external entities
  • Differentiate process measure from outcome measure:
    • Process measure: focuses on activities or processes
    • Outcome measure: focuses on results or outcomes

Strategic Planning

  • Barriers to planning:
    • Failure to commit sufficient time to planning
    • Lack of planning skills
    • Failure to plan far enough into the future
    • Interpersonal issues
    • Constantly changing environment
    • Failure to implement due to lack of time and resources
    • Failure to monitor progress
    • Lack of support from top executives
    • Planning is guesswork, and plans are only as good as the data
  • An organization's strategic plan should include:
    • Defined purpose
    • Assessment of current climate
    • Description of goals and objectives with a timeline for completion

Opportunities and Pharmacy Distinction

  • Opportunities for pharmacy staff:
    • Staffing
    • Workflow
    • Problem-solving
    • Conflict resolution
    • Developing policies and procedures
    • Delivering quality pharmacy services
    • Collaboration with other healthcare professionals
    • Evaluations, supervision, and coaching
    • Involvement in decisions
  • Pharmacy is distinguished from "production worker" businesses because it transforms human resources and physical goods into a custom solution for each individual patient

Managing Tasks and Communication

  • Manager's role: managing HR and tasks derived from the pharmacy's goals to produce quality customer service
  • Tasks should be:
    • Clear
    • Concise
    • Measurable
    • Prioritized for completion
  • Changing circumstances change the order in which tasks need to be approached

Equity in Rewards Management

  • Promotions and salary increases should be based on fair and objective criteria
  • Provides data and deficiencies to reduce costs and litigation

Performance Appraisal Processes

  • Types of performance appraisal processes:
    • Absolute
    • Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS)
    • Graphic Rating
    • Relative Outcome-Oriented Ranking
    • Critical Incident
    • Checklist
    • Essay
  • Strengths and weaknesses of each type

Process Measures

  • Examples of process measures:
    • Warfarin use:
      • Percentage of patients who experience a blood clot or bleed
      • Percentage of time patient's INR is measured to be in the "target" range
    • Insulin use:
      • Incidence of symptomatic hypoglycemia
      • Percentage of patients who received the appropriate dose of sliding scale insulin
    • Teratogenic drugs:
      • Number of patients who suffered fetal abnormalities from use in pregnancy
      • Percentage of patients who had a negative pregnancy test prior to initiation of drug

Test your knowledge on pharmacy management skills including staffing workflow, problem solving, conflict resolution, and developing lasting relationships. Learn about policies, procedures, protocols, and quality services in pharmacies. Explore collaboration with other healthcare professionals and the role of a manager.

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