Pharmacy Law Quiz: Human Medicine Regulation (2012)

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What is one of the GPHC learning outcomes for pharmacy students?

According to the Human Medicine Regulation (2012) legislation, what are pharmacists required to uphold?

What is one of the GPHC standards for pharmacists?

What will all pharmacists be in the future?

Why is it important to investigate MPharm student’s knowledge on pharmacy law?

What was the initial step in the research methodology?

What was the purpose of the participation sheet?

What was the expected sample size for the questionnaire?

What was the status of the proposal after the December ethics committee meeting?

When was data collection expected to begin?

What does the term 'controlled drug' refer to in the context of the text?

What is the meaning of 'independent medical agency' as defined in the text?

What does 'parenteral administration' mean as per the text?

What is the meaning of 'maximum daily dose' for a product intended for internal use?

What does 'patient group direction' (PGD) relate to according to the text?

What is the definition of 'nursing home' as given in the text?

What is meant by 'registered dietitian' as per the text?

What does 'maximum dose' (MD) refer to for a product intended for internal use?

'Health prescription' refers to a prescription issued by which type of healthcare professional?

'Primary Care Trust' refers to a trust established or continued under which Act?


Test your understanding of the legal requirements for pharmacists in prescribing, selling, and supplying medicines to patients according to the Human Medicine Regulation (2012) legislation. This quiz is designed to help pharmacy students apply professional judgement in line with legal and ethical reasoning, as required by the General Pharmaceutical Council learning outcomes.

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