Pharmacophore Interactions in Drug-Receptor Binding

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What are the relevant groups on a molecule responsible for interacting with a receptor known as?


Which atoms in the lead compound are sometimes referred to as auxophore?

Additional atoms

Why is it important to identify atoms in the auxophore?

To solve pharmacokinetic problems

What may happen if some atoms in the auxophore are left unmodified?

Loss of potency

What is pharmaceutical chemistry primarily focused on studying?

Physical properties of drugs

In addition to organic and inorganic chemistry, which other branches of chemistry does pharmaceutical chemistry heavily rely on?

Analytical chemistry

How has pharmaceutical chemistry contributed to understanding basic physiological and pathological mechanisms?

By advancing knowledge of physiology and biochemistry

Which of the following is NOT a factor considered in pharmaceutical chemistry for the study of drugs?

Medicinal properties

Why is a knowledge of the biological sciences essential in understanding drug treatment?

To understand the effects on various body systems

Which scientific data forms the basis of rational drug treatment according to the text?

Data from animal and human studies

What is the primary definition of a drug according to the World Health Organisation?

Any substance used to modify physiological systems for the benefit of the recipient

In pharmaceutical chemistry, what does knowledge of organic and analytical chemistry help in?

Studying the molecular structure of a drug

Which area of study is closely related to pharmaceutical chemistry according to the text?


What are some examples of drugs derived from animal sources?

Insulin, thyroid, heparin

Why is pharmaceutical chemistry closely related to physical and colloid chemistry?

To study molecular structure and physico-chemical properties of drugs

What determines the action of a drug according to the text?

A combination of its chemical structure and physico-chemical properties

Which dosage form is preferred due to being simpler to manufacture, easy to transport, and suitable for long-term storage?


What does pharmacology primarily deal with?


What is the main objective of pharmacology as mentioned in the text?

To study the mode of action of drugs

What does medicinal chemistry focus on?

Developing new therapeutic agents

Which branch of biology does pharmacology belong to?


What knowledge is important for a medicinal chemist according to the text?

Organic chemistry and biological sciences

What does pharmacodynamics study focus on?

Biological and therapeutic effects of drugs

Which branch of study determines the site of drug action?

Molecular Pharmacology

What is a pharmacophore?

The functional group responsible for a drug's physiological activity

What is the primary action of antimetabolites?

Blocking cellular metabolism by resembling metabolites

What do pharmacokinetics mainly study?

Drug metabolism and distribution in the body

How do sulphonamides act as antimetabolites?

By blocking bacterial metabolism through structural resemblance to PABA

Explore the concept of pharmacophore interactions in pharmacodynamics, focusing on the specific groups on a molecule that interact with receptors and determine the activity. Learn about the distinction between the pharmacophore and auxophore in drug design.

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