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What is the main reason why drugs with increased absorption rate require tightly regulated dosage?

To prevent the risk of overdose due to rapid absorption

Why are intramuscular injections to the buttocks preferred for certain drugs?

Higher bioavailability as muscle cells are connected to veins

What is a key disadvantage of administering drugs through an IV line?

Increased risk of bacterial infection

Why are drugs administered rectally or through suppositories sometimes preferred?

For patients who are vomiting and unable to take oral medications

How do intramuscular injections differ from subcutaneous injections in terms of absorption rate?

Intramuscular injections have slower but complete dosage absorption

What is a primary advantage of topical drug administration over other routes?

Partial avoidance of the first-pass effect

Which route of drug administration offers the fastest absorption with minimal systemic effects?


Why is inhalation considered a rapid route of drug administration?

It delivers the drug directly to the lungs

For which condition would inhalation be preferred over oral administration?


Which route of drug administration is considered the slowest due to the skin's multiple layers?

Topical application

What is the primary advantage of using inhalation as a route of drug administration?

Minimal side effects

Why can't insulin be taken intravenously or sublingually?

The rapid action of insulin via intravenous route can lead to hypoglycemia.

Which route of drug administration bypasses the first-pass effect and provides 100% bioavailability?


What is the main difference between absorption and bioavailability in pharmacology?

Absorption refers to drug entering the bloodstream, while bioavailability is a kinetic parameter.

Why are cardiac drugs sometimes administered via the sublingual route?

To achieve rapid action by bypassing the first-pass effect.

Which factor influences drug absorption by affecting the rate and extent of transfer from the site of administration to the blood?

Blood flow

What makes oral administration the most convenient and common route for drug intake?

Oral intake is easy and widely accepted by patients.

Test your knowledge about drug absorption and bioavailability in pharmacology. Explore factors affecting absorption, routes of administration, and the difference between absorption and bioavailability.

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