Personnel Program Formulation

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What is essential for the success of a personnel program according to the text?

Competent management and supervisors

In the context of the text, what is one responsibility for the success of an organization?

Stimulating employee motivation

What is emphasized as crucial for a personnel administrator in the text?

Technical skills in the job

What does the text suggest is important for a personnel program to be successful?

Proper employee motivation

What plays a significant role in the framework within which a business operates?

Logical arrangement of functions

What characteristic is highlighted as important for both line management and employees to achieve success?

Mutual understanding and cooperation

What is the purpose of a personnel program in an organization?

To guide management in handling relationships with employees

Why is management support crucial for the success of a personnel program?

Because it ensures the program receives full backing and approval

What does a clear personnel policy aim to achieve?

To provide guidelines understood by all stakeholders

Why is the cooperation of line supervisors and employees essential for a successful personnel program?

Because it helps in the effective implementation of the program

What role does top management play in a personnel program?

Providing financial support and executive action

What is a personnel program NOT considered to be?

A tool for preventing top management involvement

Explore the importance of formulating and implementing sound personnel policies and programs in management. Learn how a personnel program serves as a guide for handling relationships with employees and maintaining cooperation.

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