Personal Development Module 1: Knowing Oneself Review

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Which characteristic helps combat stress arising from the uncertainty in an unknown situation?

Managing stress

What aspect of personal development is manifested in speech, appearance, dressing, and physical condition?


Which characteristic allows finding extraordinary ways to carry out actions that are unique and untried?


What quality reduces the costs of overcoming obstacles such as problems, laziness, and bad emotional state?


Which characteristic makes individuals keep moving forward regardless of emerging obstacles like problems and laziness?


Which quality enables adopting new ways to achieve goals when faced with a lack of experience?

Problem-solving skills

Which activity can help improve emotional well-being?

Watching funny videos/movies

What is a recommended way to manage time for mental growth?

Planning ahead and making schedules

Which social activity is suggested for overall well-being?

Joining a support group

Which of the following is NOT a component of an individual's self-concept?


What is a way to practice self-care physically?

Playing relaxing games

Which activity is recommended for spiritual health?

Reading inspirational books

What is the primary factor that shapes an individual's ideal self?

A combination of all the above factors

What can positively impact emotional well-being?

'Positive talk' to oneself

Which of the following is NOT a component of personal effectiveness?

Relying solely on external resources

Which aspect of well-being is most closely related to an individual's ability to form and maintain healthy relationships?

Emotional well-being

Which of the following activities is most likely to promote spiritual health?

Practicing meditation or mindfulness techniques

Which aspect of well-being is most directly related to an individual's ability to learn and grow mentally?

Mental growth

Study Notes

Goal Achievement

  • Focus on achieving a specific goal without distractions using self-discipline exercises
  • Develops self-confidence, persistence, and problem-solving skills


  • Developed through self-awareness and recognition of personal capabilities
  • Manifested in speech, appearance, dressing, gait, and physical condition
  • Believe in achieving success through right actions and goals


  • Enables moving forward despite obstacles and problems
  • Reduces costs of overcoming obstacles
  • Can be developed with self-discipline exercises

Managing Stress

  • Combats stress from uncertainty and lack of information
  • Increases efficiency in changing environments

Problem-Solving Skills

  • Cope with problems encountered with a lack of experience
  • Increases efficiency by adopting new ways of achieving goals


  • Finds extraordinary ways to achieve a specific action

Self-Concept and Ideal Self

  • Self-concept refers to awareness of oneself
  • Actual self is the self that you see, with inherent characteristics
  • Ideal self is the self that you aspire to be, with idealized characteristics

Personal Effectiveness

  • Making use of personal resources (talents, skills, energy, and time) to achieve life goals
  • Requires determination and development of skills such as time management and problem-solving

Relaxation Techniques

  • Engage in relaxing activities like sports, music, hobbies, and journaling
  • Release emotions and practice forgiveness
  • Find support groups and professionals when needed

Prepare for the personal development module 1 review by understanding Middle and Late Adolescence Changes and Transitions, including Physiological, Physical, Psychological aspects. Learn about Self-Concept, Self-Knowledge, and Actual Self.

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