Persian Wars History Overview

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Who founded Persia in 550 BCE?

Cyrus the Great

Which Greek author produced the first great narrative history in the ancient world?


Who defeated the Persians at the Battle of Marathon in 490 BCE?


What demand did Darius make from the Greek city-states as a form of submission?


Who crossed the Hellespont in 480 BCE with an army comprising various nationalities?


Which pass was known as the Hot Gates during the Persian Wars?

Thermopylae Pass

What is the significance of the twig worn by Spartans?

It was a form of identification similar to dog tags.

How did Ephialte contribute to the Persian invasion?

He revealed a secret path to Xerxes, allowing the Persians to outflank the Greeks.

Which battle marked a victory for Athenian naval superiority?

Battle of Salamis

What prompted the start of the Peloponnesian Wars?

Athenian acquisition of wealth and resources from allies

What strategic move did Athens make by building a wall to Piraeus?

It protected them from naval invasions by Sparta.

How did Sparta gain assistance against Athens during the Peloponnesian Wars?

By trading land to Persia in exchange for monetary support.

Explore the historical context of the Persian Wars between Persia and the Greek City States, with a focus on key events, leaders, and civilizations involved. Learn about the religious and political aspects of Persia and the military strategies of Athens during this significant period in ancient history.

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