Perpetuating vs Prognostic Factors in Mental Health

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What are examples of perpetuating factors mentioned in the text?

Environmental stressors like social exclusion and bullying

Which of the following factors is likely to reduce the duration of illness and promote full recovery?

Social support

What is a key difference between mental health and mental illness based on the text?

Using past experiences to plan for the future vs. focusing on the past

Which of the following is an example of a prognostic factor according to the text?

Possessing self-knowledge and sense of identity

How does noncompliance affect recovery according to the text?

It reduces the likelihood of full recovery

Which factor increases the risk of relapse according to the text?


What is mental wellness primarily about?

Coping with change and realizing one's potential

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of mental health according to the text?

Inadequacy in work and social acceptance

How is mental illness defined in the text?

Dysfunction in cognition, emotions, or behavior

Where do mental health and mental illness lie on the mental health continuum?

At opposite ends

What do the '4 P's' refer to when influencing mental health?

Panic, Pressure, Problems, Perfectionism

What does mental health involve in terms of engagement with others?

Feeling connected to others and making unique contributions

What do predisposing factors refer to in the context of mental health?

Risk factors that increase vulnerability to developing a mental illness

Which term describes events or circumstances that keep an illness in motion or cause symptoms to continue occurring over time?

Perpetuating factors

What distinguishes precipitating factors from causes in the development of a mental disorder?

Precipitating factors immediately precede the development of a disorder, while causes may be long-term

Why are predisposing factors described as probabilistic and not deterministic?

Due to their role in heightening vulnerability rather than ensuring illness development

Which factor refers to events or circumstances that immediately lead to the development of a disorder?

Precipitating factors

In terms of mental health, what do perpetuating factors primarily do?

Cause symptoms to continue over time

Explore the difference between perpetuating factors, such as environmental stressors and stigma, and prognostic factors, like early detection and evidence-based treatment, in determining the outcome of mental health treatment.

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