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What is the basis for periodic classification of elements?

Atomic number and electronic configuration

How are elements with Z >100 named according to IUPAC nomenclature?

Unnilennium, Unnilquadium, Unnilhexium, etc.

What is the relationship between ionization enthalpy and metallic character?

Inverse relationship: higher ionization enthalpy, lower metallic character

What are the main characteristics of elements classified in the f block?

Lanthanides and actinides with filling of f orbitals

What is the significance of the Periodic Law in the development of the Periodic Table?

It led to the arrangement of elements in the Periodic Table based on their properties

Test your knowledge of chemistry Unit 3: Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties. Explore the development of the Periodic Table, understand the Periodic Law, and learn about the significance of atomic number and electronic configuration in periodic classification. Master the essential concepts with this quiz.

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