Pathogenic Microorganisms and Infection Terminologies Quiz

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Which term describes an infection with no detectable symptoms?


What type of infection may be initiated by one organism but involves two or more bacteria infecting the same tissue?


Which term describes an infection due to an organism that generally does not cause disease unless normal host defenses are compromised?


What are virulence factors?

Bacteria that enhance their pathogenicity

What type of infection is characterized by reactivation of a latent infection?


What does the term 'fulminant' refer to in the context of infections?

Infections that occur suddenly and intensely

What is the significance of iron sequestering through siderophores for bacteria?

It actively transports iron into the bacterium

How do bacteria overcome host defenses during the infectious process?

By inhibiting phagocytosis

Study Notes

Types of Infections

  • An infection with no detectable symptoms is described as asymptomatic.
  • A polymicrobial infection occurs when one organism initiates the infection, but two or more bacteria infect the same tissue.

Opportunistic Infections

  • An opportunistic infection is caused by an organism that generally does not cause disease unless normal host defenses are compromised.

Virulence Factors

  • Virulence factors are properties of bacteria that enable them to establish infection and cause disease.

Latent Infections

  • A reactivation infection occurs when a latent infection becomes active again.

Fulminant Infections

  • A fulminant infection is a severe and rapidly progressing infection that often has a poor outcome.

Iron Sequestering

  • Siderophores enable bacteria to sequester iron from their environment, which is essential for their growth and survival.

Overcoming Host Defenses

  • Bacteria can overcome host defenses during the infectious process by producing virulence factors, such as adhesins, invasins, and toxins.

Test your knowledge about pathogenic microorganisms and infection terminologies with this quiz. Learn about subclinical, latent, and opportunistic infections caused by different microorganisms.

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