Parenting Styles and Delinquency Quiz

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Which type of parental discipline is significantly related to non-delinquency?

What type of youth tend to be delinquent according to research findings?

What is the most important variable in causing delinquent behaviour according to McCord et al.?

What factor can play a role in delinquent behaviour according to Hollin?

What can prevent involvement in delinquent activities according to Siegel & Senna?

Which of the following is a more significant factor in high school students' delinquency than family or social structure?

What is the primary appeal of social or violent gangs?

Who is more vulnerable to peer pressure?

What is the relationship between peer groups and delinquency?

What is the main reason why juveniles become involved in delinquent peer groups and gangs?

According to Lotz and Lee, which type of socializing among peers is conducive to delinquent activity?

What are the three types of gangs characterized by Yablonsky in his book The Violent Gang?

What is the primary objective of delinquent gangs according to Yablonsky?

What is the main reason why South African youths become involved in gang activities?

What is the perception of street gangs in South Africa among residents in the mid-1980s?

Which of the following is true about broken homes and delinquency?

What does the text say about the effect of a deceased parent on children compared to a divorced or absent parent?

What is the major contributory factor to delinquent behaviour in broken homes?

What did Hollin's research find about the impact of broken homes on delinquency based on the child's sex, race, or age?

What does the text say about family discord after a divorce or separation?

Which of the following is a characteristic of ineffective parental discipline in delinquent families?

What is the impact of an enmeshed disciplinary style on family functioning?

Which of the following is NOT a way in which parents exercise direct control over their children?

What is the impact of inadequate parental control on children's behavior?

What is the impact of disengaged parental discipline on children's behavior?

According to Rankin's research, which type of broken home is strongly related to running away, truancy, and car theft?

What did Wells and Rankin's analysis of fifty published studies find about the correlation between broken homes and juvenile delinquency?

What did Andry's research find about the homes of delinquents compared to non-delinquents?

What did Johnson's research indicate about the relationship between parental love and juvenile delinquency?

What did Jenkins find about the effect of parental rejection on the development of conscience in children?


Test your knowledge on the relationship between parenting styles and delinquency with this quiz. Learn about different methods of disciplining youth and how strict or lax parental rules can impact a child's behavior. Keywords: parenting styles, delinquency, discipline, rules.

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