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What is the term for a microbe that derives benefit from its host while harming it or even killing it?


What is the term for the active stage of parasites?


Which parasite lays eggs that hatch after leaving the host?


What is the non-motile, non-feeding stage of a protozoan that usually has a wall to prevent dehydration?


Which enzyme is inhibited by Allylamines in the synthesis of ergosterol?

Squalene epoxidase

What is the result of inhibiting the conversion of lanosterol to 4,4-dimethylcholesta-8,14,24-trienol?


What is the term for a parasite that must live on a host to survive?


Which parasite reproduction method involves a female capable of reproducing eggs without being fertilized, with the eggs containing larvae that hatch immediately?


What type of host harbors the sexual stage of parasites, where parasites complete their development?

Definitive/Final Host

Give an example of a paratenic host and explain its role in widening parasitic distribution.

Kangkong. Paratenic hosts do not allow parasites to develop further but help widen parasitic distribution from definitive and intermediate hosts.

What type of drug can contain amebiasis, but not remove it entirely?

Antiprotozoal drug like metronidazole

What type of host allows the parasite to continue its life cycle and become an additional source of infection?

Reservoir Host

Test your knowledge of parasitology terminology with this quiz. Identify terms related to different stages of parasites and infection. From eggs to larvaes, challenge yourself with these definitions.

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