Introduction to Parasitology

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What is the definition of a parasite?

An organism that infects and obtains nourishment from another living being

Which of the following is an example of an ectoparasite?

Head louse

What is the difference between an obligate parasite and a facultative parasite?

Obligate parasites can live both as parasites and in a free-living state, while facultative parasites cannot.

What type of parasite is Toxocara canis?

Aberrant parasite

In which category do protozoa and helminths fall under?


How does an aberrant parasite differ from an accidental parasite?

Aberrant parasites cannot be transmitted from human to human, while accidental parasites can.

What is the role of a definitive host in the life cycle of a parasite?

It harbors the adult parasite or the parasite replicates sexually

Which of the following is NOT considered a potential source of infection for parasitic diseases?

Sterile medical equipment

What is the role of a paratenic host in the life cycle of a parasite?

It harbors the larval form of the parasite, but the parasite does not develop further

Which of the following modes of infection is NOT mentioned in the given text?


What is meant by a 'simple' life cycle in the context of parasites?

The life cycle is completed in a single host

Which of the following is a potential complication associated with parasitic infections?

Inflammation of tissues and blood vessels

Which of the following statements about immunity in parasitic infections is true?

Acquired immunity involves both antibody-mediated and cell-mediated responses.

What is the purpose of demonstrating parasites in various clinical specimens?

To diagnose the parasitic infection in the patient.

Which of the following is NOT a method mentioned for demonstrating parasites?


What is the primary characteristic used to classify parasites into three main groups?

Body structure

Which of the following parasites belongs to the phylum Protozoa?


What is the term used to describe the resistance offered by the host towards injury caused by a parasite?


Learn about the definition and classification of parasites, including micro and macro parasites. Understand the host-parasite relationship and the different classes of parasites that can cause human infections and diseases.

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