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What is the normal location of the spleen in relation to the ribs?

Between the 9th and 11th ribs

Which peritoneal ligament attaches the spleen to the greater curvature of the stomach?

Gastrosplenic ligament

Which artery supplies blood to the spleen?

Splenic artery

What is the shape of the spleen's anterior border?


Which surface of the spleen is related to viscera?

Visceral surface

What separates the diaphragm from the spleen?

Lt crus of diaphragm

What is the main function of lipase?

Break down fat into fatty acids and glycerol

Where is the pancreas located in the body?

In the epigastrium and left upper quadrant

Which part of the pancreas is overlapped by the first part of the duodenum?


What is the relation of the posterior surface of the head of the pancreas to the common bile duct?

Embedded within it

In which plane does the neck of the pancreas lie?

Transpyloric plane

Which structure lies adjacent to the anterior surface of the neck of the pancreas?


Where does the splenic vein join the superior mesenteric vein?

Behind the neck of the pancreas

What is the main function of the nerves supplying the spleen?

Vasomotor function

Which veins are tributaries of the splenic vein?

Pancreatic veins

Where do lymphatics emerge from in the spleen?

Hilus of the spleen

Which gland produces digestive juices that hydrolyze carbohydrates, proteins, and fats?


What is the main function of trypsin in digestion?

Breaking down proteins

Where does the main pancreatic duct of Wirsung open into?

Duodenum at the major papilla

Which arteries supply blood to the pancreas?

Pancreatic branches of the splenic artery

Where does the accessory pancreatic duct of Santorini open into the duodenum?

Minor duodenal papilla

Which nerves supply the pancreas with vasomotor function?

Splanchnic sympathetic nerves

Where do lymphatics follow to drain from the pancreas?

Pancreaticosplenic, coeliac, and superior mesenteric lymph nodes

In which ligament does the tail of the pancreas lie?

Lienorenal ligament

What borders does the body of the pancreas have?

Superior and inferior

What separates the anterior surface of the body of the pancreas from the stomach?

Transverse mesocolon

Where does the splenic vein run in relation to the body of the pancreas?

Right to left on the posterior surface

Which structures are located at the superior border of the body of the pancreas?

Common hepatic artery and splenic artery

From which side does the superior border of the body of the pancreas appear blunt?

Right side

What emerges behind the inferior border of the body of the pancreas?

Splenic vessels

Test your knowledge on the anatomy and function of the pancreas with this quiz. Questions cover the location, structure, and function of the pancreas, including the production of insulin and role in fat digestion.

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