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During which geological era did reptiles dominate the Earth?

Mesozoic Era

During the Mesozoic Era, what major geological process occurred in Ethiopia?

Slow sinking and rising of the landmass

How many years ago did the Mesozoic Era end?

70 million years ago

Which direction was the land tilted during the Mesozoic Era in Ethiopia?


Why do the age and thickness of the Sandstone layers vary in a Southeast - Northwest direction?

Direction of the invading and retreating sea

What type of life characterized the Mesozoic Era?


What is the main reason Mesozoic rocks are considered to have the greatest potential for oil and gas deposits?

Flourishing of marine life and decaying of their remains

What type of deposits were laid down as the sea spread towards the land during the Mesozoic Era in Ethiopia?


When did the subsidence of the land during the Mesozoic Era begin in Ethiopia?

225 million years ago

Which sedimentary formations were laid and formed upon the Precambrian rock surface at the end of the Mesozoic Era?

Adigrat or lower sandstone, Hintalo limestone, Upper Sandstone

What is an epoch in the geological time scale?

Smallest unit of time, spanning millions of years

What process led to the formation of sandstone and limestone layers known as Adigrat sandstone and Hintalo limestone?

Compression by cementing minerals

Test your knowledge about the major geological processes and features of the Paleozoic Era, which lasted approximately 375 million years. Learn about denudation, sediment transportation, and the formation of undulating plains and inselbergs during this era.

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