Overview of Psychology Definitions and Historical Development

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What was the main goal of psychology when it was founded?

Which historical event contributed to the need for cognitive research in psychology?

What major development led to the cognitive revolution in psychology?

Which two fields significantly contributed to the establishment of psychology?

Who among the philosophers believed in nativism, where behavior/mental ability is considered innate?

Which philosopher emphasized introspection and self-reflection for understanding oneself and achieving wisdom?

Who believed that individuals are born as a blank slate (Tabula rasa) and that the heart is the seed of the soul?

Which philosopher explored the relationship between the physical and non-physical self, known as the Mind-Brain Problem?

What concept did Gall contribute to, involving bumps on the head to determine mental functions?

Which psychologist is known for developing Structuralism, focusing on sensations creating perceptions through introspection?

Which philosopher proposed a theory of the soul consisting of three parts: reason, spirit, and appetite?

Which philosopher's belief in nativism, the idea that behavior/mental ability is innate, laid the groundwork for later discussions on the nature versus nurture debate?

Who among the philosophers explored the concept that the heart is the seed of the soul, contributing to the investigation of the mind-body problem?

What historical event led to the need for cognitive research in psychology?

Which philosophy aimed to answer the question of why humans behave the way they do?

What field is largely responsible for establishing psychology as a scientific discipline through objective methods and experimentation?

Who is known as the founder of psychology according to the text?


Explore the 3 definitions of psychology, how they were developed, and how historical events influenced changes in the field. Learn about the study of mental life, the emphasis on understanding mental processes, and the establishment of psychology as a scientific discipline through behaviorism.

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