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Which type of compounds are usually classified as organic molecules?

Compounds with carbon atoms and hydrogen atoms attached

What are the four main types of organic compounds found in the cells of the human body?

Carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids

Which of the following is NOT considered an organic molecule?


Why is methane considered an organic compound?

It is composed of carbon and hydrogen atoms

In which structure are organic molecules usually found?

Chains or rings with atoms attached

Which of the following organic molecules is responsible for storing and coding genetic information in living organisms?

Nucleic acids

What is the main function of carbohydrates in living organisms?

Storing energy

Which functional group is commonly found in lipids?

Carboxyl and phosphate

What is the basic structure of an aldehyde functional group?

Carbon atom bonded with an oxygen atom in a double bond and a hydrogen atom

What are the two most important functional groups found in proteins?

Hydroxyl and carboxyl

What is the basic structure of an amino acid?

A nitrogen atom bonded to two hydrogen atoms.

Which functional group is NOT present in nucleic acids?

Sulfhydryl group

What is the result of joining two monosaccharides together?


Which polymer is made up of many repeating subunits called monomers?


What element is NOT found in the structure of glucose?


Learn about organic molecules and their composition with this quiz. Explore how organic molecules are typically made up of carbon atoms along with other atoms like hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, forming long chains or rings.

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