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In naming alkenes, what suffix is used to indicate the presence of a carbon-carbon double bond?


According to rule 2, what should be selected as the parent carbon chain when naming alkenes?

Longest continuous chain of carbon atoms containing both double bond carbons

When numbering the parent carbon chain in alkenes, where should the numbering start from?

The end nearest to the double bond

What suffix should be used in alkenes with more than one double bond?


When naming unsubstituted cycloalkenes with only one double bond, is a number needed to locate the double bond?

No, it is assumed to be between carbons 1 and 2

According to rule 7, how are the double-bonded carbon atoms numbered in substituted cycloalkenes with only one double bond?

To give the first substituent the lower number

What is the general formula for alkanes?


How should the parent chain be selected when naming hydrocarbons?

The longest continuous carbon chain

What is the suffix used to name saturated hydrocarbons?


According to IUPAC rules, how should alkyl groups be located and named?

Give the first encountered alkyl group the lowest possible number

When there are multiple identical alkyl groups present in a molecule, how should they be indicated?

Use a numerical prefix (Di-, Tri-, Tetra-) and position numbers

What is the simplest hydrocarbon known as?


What determines the set used when 2 or more equivalent numbering sets exist in naming organic compounds?

The alphabetical priority among substituents

When does a ring system containing fewer carbon atoms than an alkyl group attached to it get named as an alkane rather than as a cycloalkane?

When it is a small ring with less carbon atoms

In naming alkyl halides, how are halogen atoms treated when they are substituents on a carbon chain?

As prefixes before the parent chain name

How are halogen and alkyl substituents ranked in determining the numbering system for a carbon chain in alkyl halides?

Halogen atoms are given priority over alkyl groups

What suffix is used to name alkenes in IUPAC nomenclature?


When naming branched-chain alkenes and cycloalkenes, which rules can be used with some modifications?

Rules for naming alkanes and cycloalkanes

Test your knowledge on the rules for naming organic compounds with this quiz. Learn about replacing the suffix -ane with -ene to indicate carbon-carbon double bonds, selecting the longest continuous chain as the parent chain, and numbering the parent chain starting at the end nearest the double bond.

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