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According to Virginia Henderson's Needs Theory, nursing aims to promote health and provide a peaceful passing by doing what for patients?

Assisting with physical limitations

What is the main focus of Henderson's Nature of Nursing theory?

Promoting health activities

How did Virginia Henderson's scope differ from Florence Nightingale's?

Henderson's scope included both healthy and ill individuals

What did Virginia Henderson emphasize as the importance of increasing for post-hospitalization progress?

Patient's independence

According to Virginia Henderson, what is the aim of nursing?

To promote health and independence

Virginia Henderson is often referred to as the ______ of Modern Nursing


Henderson's Needs Theory emphasizes nurses' role in aiding clients in ______ activities


Henderson's scope includes both ______ and ill individuals


According to Henderson, nursing aims to promote health and provide a peaceful passing by doing for patients what they can't do for themselves due to physical limitations or lack of ______


Henderson emphasizes the importance of increasing the patient's ______ for post-hospitalization progress


Test your knowledge on nursing theories with this quiz! Explore the key concepts of Henderson’s Needs Theory, Pender’s Health Promotion Model, and Leininger’s Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality. Challenge yourself and learn more about these influential theories in the field of nursing.

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