Nursing Quiz: OTC Medication and Hepatotoxicity

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What is a potential adverse effect of using Ma Huang (Ephedra)?


Which group of people should be cautious when using herbal products?


What should patients be made aware of regarding manufacturers of herbal products and dietary supplements?

They are required to prove safety and effectiveness

Why is it important to assess baseline lab values before taking vitamins and supplements?

To determine the manufacturer's credibility

Which supplement is known for causing veno-occlusive disease and liver damage?

Kava (Piper methysticum)

Why is it significant to monitor for adverse effects of vitamins and supplements?

To confirm therapeutic responses

What is the main adverse effect associated with vitamins?

Gastrointestinal upset

Which vitamin is mentioned to interfere with the effectiveness of Levodopa?

Vitamin B6

Which type of vitamins are excreted in urine and can cause health problems in high levels?

Water-soluble vitamins (B & C)

What can fat-soluble vitamins not be absorbed with?


Which adverse effect is commonly associated with the intake of vitamins?

Gastrointestinal upset

What is a significant contraindication related to vitamin supplements?

Pregnancy category C

Which dietary supplement should not be taken peri-operatively or with anticoagulants due to an increased risk of bleeding?

Ginkgo biloba

Which dietary supplement should not be used in liver disease?

Black Cohosh

Which dietary supplement may intensify the actions of other stimulants and pressors, and should not be taken with antihypertensives?

Ma Huang

Which dietary supplement can increase the risk of bleeding and suppress migraines, but also increases the risk of bleeding?


Which dietary supplement should not be used with autoimmune diseases and can suppress the immune system with long-term use?


Which dietary supplement is beneficial for reducing the incidence of UTIs by decreasing bacterial adherence to the urothelium, but will not treat established UTIs?


Test your knowledge in nursing by answering a question about the association of over-the-counter medication with hepatotoxicity. Find out which OTC medication is linked to the development of liver damage.

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