Nursing Process: Assessment Phase

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What is the key characteristic of a plan of care according to the text?


What type of nursing intervention does not require an order from a healthcare provider?


What action involves transferring essential information from one nurse to the next during a transition of care?

Hand-off reporting

Which phase of the nursing process involves evaluating the patient's response to interventions?


What type of care involves treatments performed through interactions with patients directly?

Direct care

What aspect of a plan of care ensures that the goals are attainable according to the text?


What is the first phase of the Nursing Process?


Which step in the Nursing Process involves analyzing the collected data to identify a patient's health problem?


What type of nursing diagnosis identifies existing health problems that require nursing interventions?

Actual nursing diagnosis

Which type of data in Assessment includes verbal descriptions provided by the patient?

Subjective data

What does NANDA stand for in the context of the Nursing Process?

North American Nursing Diagnosis Association

Which part of the Nursing Process involves gathering information from sources like patients, family members, and healthcare team?


Learn about the Assessment phase of the Nursing Process, which involves collecting data through interviews, physical examinations, and reviewing medical records. Understand the importance of gathering relevant information from patients, family members, and the healthcare team.

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