Nucleotide Chemistry

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Which components make up a nucleotide?

Which nitrogenous base is present only in RNA?

Which major purines are present in the structure of nucleic acids?

Which pentose sugar is present in RNA?

Which base corresponds to the nucleoside 'Cytidine'?

Which major pyrimidine is present only in DNA?

Which nucleoside is composed of a nitrogenous base and a pentose?

Which nucleotide is composed of a nitrogenous base, a pentose sugar, and at least one phosphate group?

Which major purine is present in both RNA and DNA?

Which nucleotide corresponds to the nucleoside 'Uridine'?


Test your knowledge of nucleotide chemistry with this quiz! Learn about the composition of nucleotides, including nitrogenous bases, pentose sugars, and phosphate groups. Explore the major pyrimidines like cytosine and more.

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