Nucleic Acids and Nucleotides: DNA and RNA

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What is the chemical basis of heredity?


Who discovered DNA in 1869?

Johann Friedrich Miescher

What is the primary function of nucleic acids?

Serve as repositories and transmitters of genetic information

What are genes?

Fundamental units of genetic information

What is the central dogma of molecular biology?

DNA controls the synthesis of RNA and proteins.

Who first demonstrated that DNA contained genetic information?

Avery, Macleod, and MacCary

What holds the DNA molecules together in a double helix structure?

Hydrogen bonds

Which nitrogenous base is found in both DNA and RNA?


What differentiates DNA from RNA in terms of pyrimidine bases?

DNA contains thymine and RNA contains cytosine.

What is the term for the molecule's existence in keto and enol forms?


Which compound serves as the energy currency in cells?


What does a nucleoside refer to?

Base + sugar

Which type of compounds are the nitrogenous bases found in nucleotides?

Aromatic compounds

What are the major purines found in DNA and RNA?

Adenine and guanine

What is the correct order of nucleotide components?

Nucleobase, sugar, phosphate.

Which molecule controls the synthesis of RNA and proteins?


Test your knowledge of DNA and RNA, the chemical constituents of life and heredity. Explore the structure, function, and significance of nucleic acids in genetics and inheritance.

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