Nuclear Reactions and Isotopes Quiz

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In beta decay, what changes occur in atomic mass and atomic number?

Unchanged atomic mass and increased the atomic number by 1

What are the atomic mass and atomic number of deuterium?

The atomic mass is 3 and the atomic number is 2

What process occurs when a star exhausts its fuel and collapses the core?

Supernova explosion

Which element results from the fusion of silicon in fusion shells of a red giant star?


Which nucleus fuses with beryllium to form carbon during stellar formation and evolution?


Which statement does NOT align with Dalton's Atomic Theory?

$6.Beta$ decay is a type of nuclear reaction that loses a beta particle of an element.

Test your knowledge on nuclear reactions and isotopes with this quiz! Questions include identifying changes in atomic mass and atomic number in beta decay, as well as facts about the isotope deuterium.

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