Nuclear Fusion and Radioactive Decay Concepts

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What process powers the sun and other stars?

Nuclear fusion

Which characteristic is described by the concept of half-life in radioactive decay?

The time for half of a sample to undergo decay

What is the process in which a heavy atomic nucleus splits into lighter nuclei?

Nuclear fission

Which type of energy is required to disassemble a nucleus into its protons and neutrons?

Binding energy

What is the main application of nuclear fission reactions?

Generating electricity in power plants

Which process involves emitting radiation as an atomic nucleus loses energy?

Radioactive decay

What is the primary purpose of nuclear reactors?

To generate electrical power

Why is the strong nuclear force important in atomic nuclei?

To prevent the nucleus from disintegrating

What makes neutron stars incredibly dense?

High binding energy per nucleon

What differentiates isotopes from each other?

Number of neutrons

How does a neutron star form?

After a supernova explosion

What role do nuclear fission reactions play in nuclear reactors?

Create steam for turbines

Learn about nuclear fusion, the process in which atomic nuclei combine to release energy, and the concept of half-life in radioactive decay. Discover how nuclear fusion powers stars like the sun and why half-life is important in understanding the decay rate of radioactive substances.

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