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What is the recommended dilution of a 5.25% solution of sodium hypochlorite according to CDC?


Which compound is known for its antibacterial activity through oxidative and disinfecting effects of hypochlorous acids?


Which heavy metal is commonly used as an antiseptic?


Which compound is known to be effective against HIV and Hepatitis B for 10 minutes?

Quaternary ammonium compounds

Which biosafety level agent has no known potential for infecting healthy people?

Biosafety Level 1 agents

What type of agents are handled in a Class II BSC Class III Cabinet?

BSL 4 agents

For which type of agents is it required for personnel to change into recommended laboratory clothing before handling them?

BSL 2 agents

Which biosafety level agent requires extra precaution due to its potential for aerosol transmission?

Biosafety Level 3 agents

Which type of toxin does not require bacterial death to be released into circulation?


What component of the Gram-negative bacteria is responsible for the toxicity of endotoxins?

Lipid A

Which bacteria is associated with exotoxins and belongs to the Gram-positive group?

Clostridium botulinum

What is the primary way to avoid nosocomial infections?

Proper handwashing

Which type of infection is confined to one area and shows signs and symptoms localized in that area?

Focal infection

What term describes the presence of bacteria in the blood without active multiplication?


Which type of infection involves active multiplication of pus-producing organisms in the blood?


Test your knowledge on hospital-acquired infections, including common types such as urinary tract infections, pneumonia, surgical site infections, and bloodstream infections. Learn about how proper handwashing can help prevent nosocomial infections and the types of infection according to healthcare settings.

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